Yosemite Renaissance 31 travels to the Carnegie Art Center, Turlock CA. August 12 - October 9th, 2016




This is your last chance to see the exhibit!

Yosemite Renaissance 31 provides a contemporary perspective on the century-old artistic traditions of depicting the landscape, issues and ideas surrounding Yosemite National Park. The traveling exhibition officially ends October 9th 2016. Don’t miss it!

On View through August 21, 2016 

Matt Elson: The Infinity Boxes

Modesto native Matt Elson brings his unique works of optical mystery to the Central Valley for the first time. The Infinity Boxes explore our humanity through sight, sound and relationship. By combining mirrors, light, and color we experience kaleidoscope-like reflections. The works challenge our understanding of perception while providing an experience that becomes as much about the viewer as the art when we interact with them. 

The exteriors of the “boxes” are reminiscent of 19th century carnivals. Beautiful, ornately carved and colorfully painted wood gives an aura of fun well before looking inside. While the size of each installation is not much bigger than a refrigerator, when you look inside you are immediately transported into another world. This world is so magical it can’t help but make the viewer laugh out loud. This is an exhibit that will surprise and delight everyone and is best experienced with friends and/or family. If the best art is that which evokes feelings and actively engages the audience this art is unparalleled. 

These pieces have to be seen to be believed! 

  To see more about Matt Elson and his Infinity Boxes, click here


August 12-21: Dean De Cocker, Sculpture

D e a n  D e C o c k e r

Artist Statement

My work is part of a continuing series, “Blue Jackets Return.”  From the first winged-shaped structures to the current work, I have been exploring my interest in formal elements by transforming flat, two-dimensional surfaces into three-dimensional objects.  I derive much of my inspiration from everyday objects such as mailboxes, aircraft structures, wings, propellers, heavy machinery and architectural works.  These objects become conceptual elements, which I transform into drawings.  Then, via different techniques of construction, I fabricate many objects of inner structures and outer coverings that create volumetric enclosures.  In recent years, my interest in racecar fabrication and collecting vintage BMX bicycles from the 1970’s has led to subtle changes to my work’s structure and color.  My work of drawings, prints and photographs come from objects that inspire me and places that I have visited that make me think about time and space. Some of my newest print/painting work involves my interest in World War I and II military ship camouflage.  

The titles of my works are a result of my interest in the construction techniques of World War II aircraft and the battles fought in the South Pacific.

2016 marks 30 years that I have been an exhibiting artist, participating in over 50 solo exhibitions and over 150 group exhibitions with mention of my work in over 90 articles and reviews.  I feel very lucky to have been able to make work that I enjoy and even luckier to have been able to share it with others.

Dean De Cocker, 2016


The Gallery is open: Wednesday - Sunday 10 a.m. - 5 p.m., Fridays 10 a.m. - 8 p.m.

Carnegie Arts Center: 250 N. Broadway Turlock, CA 95380 (209)-632-5761