Frequently Asked Questions  -  FAQs


  • "What is Yosemite Renaissance?"

    Yosemite Renaissance was established in 1985. Our flagship art exhibit opens at the Yosemite Museum in Yosemite National Park then travels to other locations. Our current partners are the Kings Art Center in Hanford, the Carnegie Arts Center in Turlock, and Gallery 5 at Yosemite Gateway Gallery Row in Oakhurst, CA. Yosemite Renaissance also manages an artist in residence program in Yosemite National Park.

  • "What does Yosemite Renaissance do?"

    Yosemite Renaissance brings together artists who are inspired by Yosemite National Park and the California Sierra Nevada range. Visual artists, writers and musicians have been inspired by the area for centuries. We want to encourage contemporary artists to share new interpretations of the region, explore the issues we face, and celebrate our environment through art. We seek to excite a new generation of people who will develop an appreciation for preserving and protecting the park.


  • "Who will see the Renaissance exhibit?"

    Yosemite Renaissance would like to share our vision across California and the USA. The exhibit currently travels from Yosemite Valley to Turlock, Hanford, and Oakhurst, CA.

  • "Why should I follow Yosemite Renaissance?"

    Yosemite Renaissance is an exciting, evolving art organization that encourages artistic and creative individuals. We not only exhibit art but help artists promote themselves to a larger audience who share our concern for the environment, natural wonders and the preservation of our national parks. The Yosemite Renaissance website is the only place that assists artists and art lovers in making their experience to Yosemite an expansion of their creative awareness while providing practical and useful information to make their travel more enjoyable. Quarterly updates offer information targeted to artists and photographers to make the most of their time in that particular time of year. Yosemite Renaissance offers links to accommodations, restaurants and activities to enhance their experience in the park and Mariposa County.


  • "Is Yosemite Renaissance a festival where people dress up in medieval costumes?"

    Yosemite Renaissance is an Art Organization, promoting the arts in Yosemite National Park and the Sierra Nevada region. We are a non profit organization that promotes diverse artistic interpretations of Yosemite National Park and the surrounding area, but you can wear armor and carry a dagger if you like. ;)