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Competition for Yosemite Renaissance 33 (2018)

This competition is now open! Participation deadline is November 26th, 2017.

Apply Online at www.onlinejuriedshows/Default.aspx?OJSID=15882



The Yosemite Renaissance Exhibition is an annual exhibit that offers an opportunity for artists inspired by Yosemite and the California Sierra Nevada region to display and promote their art. The exhibit opens at the historic Yosemite National Park Museum Gallery in the heart of Yosemite Valley, then travels to other art centers across California. 

For over 150 years, artists have played an important role in the establishment of our state and national parks, inspiring people to visit iconic natural sites, and to protect our natural resources.  While the nexus of the exhibit is Yosemite, the scope of the show also includes Sequoia National Park, Sierra National Forest, Ansel Adams Wilderness, Mono Lake, Bodie, the White Mountains, and more. The High Sierra, east side and west side foothills, canyons, and communities from Lake Tahoe to Tehachapi are all included! The area is huge, consisting of hundreds of thousands of acres of rugged peaks, deep valleys, forests, chaparral, deserts, lakes and streams. If your work is inspired by these places, it will be considered.

Subject matter must be related to the landscape, environment, wildlife and people of Yosemite National Park and the Sierra Nevada region. Both representational and non-representational submissions are allowed. We encourage artist who apply to celebrate the beauty and wonder of nature through art, but also to consider and explore environmental issues, ecology, biology, forestry, and other scientific, political, spiritual and cultural themes.

Artists should consider that one of the goals of Yosemite Renaissance is to encourage innovation. While the mastery of traditional media, technical expertise, style and personal vision are important factors in the selection process, jurors will also consider the use of new tools, technologies and materials, innovative applications of traditional media, unique styles and / or personal vision, interpretations inspired by current events, and works that express trends in our environment and in our culture.

$5,000 in cash awards will be announced at the opening reception at the Yosemite National Park Museum Gallery.

Submission Guidelines
The exhibit is open to artists living and working worldwide. All submissions must be completed in English. Participating artists must be able to communicate in English, either directly or through an interpreter.

Entry is through Online Juried Shows https://onlinejuriedshows.com/Default.aspx?OJSID=15882

Important Dates:
Opening date for submissions - Monday, 9/12/17
Closing date for submissions - Sunday, 11/26/17
Notification of Acceptance - Saturday, 12/23/17
Opening Reception, Yosemite National Park, Museum Gallery – Friday, 2/23/18
Exhibit ends Yosemite National Park, Museum Gallery – Sunday, 5/6/18
Exhibit travels 6/1/17 – 10/30/18